Travel 'n Fun

Travel ‘n Fun is a group of Bremerton Elks RV owners, or previous owners, or wannabe owners (ask us anything!) who get together for monthly meetings and 8 RV outings from spring to fall.  We also spend time socializing before our monthly meetings and gathering for holiday meals.

Our outings are from Wednesday to Sunday and are typically within a 250-mile radius of our Lodge (you can join us for all or part of the outing).  The outings are typically held at other Elk Lodges or high-quality RV parks with a clubhouse (or some sort of gathering place) which we utilize for games, dinners, crafts, and other fun activities.

Members can come to all or part of the activities.  The outings generally include 1-2 breakfasts, 1 host-prepared dinner, and 1 potluck – with happy hour, of course!  Outings include a variety of activities such as cards and games, campfires, arts and crafts and more!  Members also take off to explore local areas on their own or with fellow travelers checking out the local attractions such as museums, golf courses, fishing, thrift stores, pubs, etc. or just visiting with each other at our rigs or at the clubhouse.

The group has been involved in developing our local RV Park, providing input on RV Park issues (for example, improving the check-in procedure), and striving to find alternate revenue streams (RV Storage).  We recently added Lodge Liaison to our Vice President duties to assist in continued communication.

Another advantage of being an Elk is to enjoy the very reasonably priced RV campgrounds that many Elk Lodges have set up.  The lodges are very welcoming and will want to hear about our Lodge and tell you about theirs!  You really feel at home!

Officer Contacts for 2024:

President: Tammy Palmer, 360-265-3292
Vice President: Robin Johnson, 360-692-5664
Wagon Master: Glen Palmer, 360-620-4202
Membership: Nita Marcotte, 360-479-2406

Yearly Membership (in addition to being an Elk's Member):
Couple: $20 per year
Single: $10 per year

Registration Fee (1st year only):
Couple - $50
Single - $25

Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month
5:00 PM Social Hour
6:00 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Meeting