We are always looking for volunteers!!

All of our volunteer opportunities are available online via our featured section of our Facebook page and on the MyElks App.

National Elks has reported that only half of our (Elks) charity time is being reported. An hour of charity is a $26 tax deduction on our taxes. Our secretary reports to CLMS  annually. That report is divided in ten categories. All our committees have been plotted them these ten categories.

The Charity Event Tracking explanation Excel sheet (click here) provides all the detail we have on this and how we are categorizing your fantastic support.

This list was also sent via email to all committees and is hanging on the volunteer sign-up board. We're also counting "not covered" hours to show how much time we participate in our Lodge.

There's also a new Volunteer Participation Information Sheet on line. This Excel sheet will calculate the hours, miles, etc for you. The form also shows cash and donations in kind.  Donations in kind can include things  those donuts and any other supply or item you provide to the committee or an event. When using this form you must type in the time, space, and  then AM/PM. The sheet will count all entries as new people, so if you volunteer on two days on the same sheet, you will need to go back in and adjust the sign-in/tracker sheet final number of volunteers manually.

For those who want a paper/pen form there are blank forms hanging on the volunteer board. You can turn them into the office or  if the office is closed you can put in the return envelope on the volunteer board.

Here are a few forms you might find useful....

We'll be reporting our hours quarterly. We'd appreciate these forms being turned as soon as possible or quarterly.  Let's make our hours count.

We see about 10% of the Lodge is signing up to help on our paper sign up sheets. We're aware that not everyone comes into the Lodge.  We've heard you say at initiation one of the things you want to do is volunteer.   We're trying to come up with ways to sign up on line, but we recommend you contact the various committee chairs or any Lodge officer and we will continue to work and connect you to those persons in charge of various Lodge functions.